By Arya Stark

The Demons and Poutine continued their lets-actually-finish-our-games-tour as the Rosens & Co took the first match in OT.  The second match, not surprisingly, was called off halfway through due to rain.

Fuzz beat the Hookers 4-2 despite the absence of their best player, spiritual leader and possible league MVP, Jeff (did you think I was going to say someone else here?).  The win put this team ahead of 2016’s version who finished first in the league before getting bounced by the Sky Fighters in the quarterfinals.  That team had 14 wins, 84 goals scored and 46 goals against in 17 games, while this one has 15 wins, 81 goals scored and 38 against in the same timeframe.  Two dominant seasons sandwiched around last year’s surprising 11th place finish.  Get well soon Sarah!

WTP beat the Riots 3-1 which, along with a shootout loss for Mega, clinches the division title for the Pucks.  Sam has a two game goal streak while Hogg now has one goal allowed in two starts.  #goaliecontroversy?

LBS Inc beat Filthier 2-1 off a late Chaplin snipe.  The win clinches the division for Poundtown for the first time since at least 2013, if not earlier (league historians pls help).

Cobra Kai took down Gut Rot despite a borderline heroic performance from Ed.  Heather put up her first goal in three years while the dojo inched closer to their first league title possibly ever (league historians, help again).

The Gremlins shut out Karma 2-0 with Rod and Iannis picking up a goal each and Tim hitting 3-4 posts.  Someone was really happy that it’s mathematically impossible for anyone in yellow to have been a minus in this game.

The Biters won 5-4 as the mathletes learned the hard way that it’s probably not a great idea to give Ben a breakaway from half court.  Even notorious math-hater Becca knew that one.

The Rehabs came back from an early deficit to sink the Sky Fighters 7-4 in a game featuring a Holtby-esque save of the year candidate by James on Hicks.  Even with the win, the Rehabs fall to 6th behind the Fresh Kills, although they can retake 5th with a win and either a loss by the Fresh Kills or a loss by Filthier by 4+ goals.  Looks like that season finale against Fuzz will end up being must-watch hockey.

The Rainbows won their third game in a row, beating Mega in a shootout.  The win puts them in position to potentially finish as high as 15th although that would require some serious collapses from the teams in front of them.

Finally, the Fresh Kills won both of their games over the Butchers by scores of 9-3 and 6-4.  An early Gabe hat trick was key in the first match while Roxy played both games without a sub.  The win moves the Fresh Kills all the way up to the #5 seed in my totally unofficial and unverified league standings, which I have added below.  This is not guaranteed to be accurate in any way, but with only one week of game action left until the playoffs, it probably isn’t too far off.

Unofficial Standings (follow at your own risk)
1 – Fuzz (clinched first or second place)
2 – Cobra Kai (game in hand on Fuzz) (clinched first or second place)
3 – LBS (clinched 1st division title and third place)
4 – Filthier (ahead of FK by virtue of head-to-head sweep)
5 – Fresh Kills
6 – Rehabs
7 – Biters
8 – Gremlins (game in hand)
9 – Poutine (two games in hand)
10 – WTP
11 – Karma
12 – Hookers (game in hand)
13 – Mega
14 – Butchers
15 – Demons (game in hand)
16 – Math
17 -Sky Fighters (game in hand)
18 – Gut Rot
19 – Rainbows (game in hand)
20 – Riots

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