By Arya Stark

Karma gave up an early lead but topped the Demons 4-3 in OT.

Cobra Kai proved one preview writer to be genius as they did indeed win a tight 3-2 game over Filthier.  The win along with the late game Poutine loss clinches the division for Cobra Kai and keeps them only one point back of Fuzz with a game in hand.

The LBS beat the Demons 3-1 in a close game featuring enough physical play and stick-work to feature an appearance from angry Eli.  A regulation win over Filthier next week would clinch the top division for Poundtown.

The Rainbows beat Math in OT, giving them their first win streak since a three game streak on September 11th, 18th and 25th of 2016 which covered their last two games of that season and a playoff victory.

Karma won their second game of the day, upsetting heatstroke and the Butchers.  The win keeps them in the 10 spot and in line for a first round bye.

The Fresh Kills pulled away late and beat the Gremlins 5-3 on a slick short side rip from Nick.  No word on where Gabe and Ariel were though some people have floated their own theories.

The Hookers took care of business with a convincing 8-0 win over Cro’s favorite BTSH team, the Riots.  Alas, he scored none of them and tried to avoid touching balls whenever possible.

What The Puck poured it on in the second half, burying the Skyfighters 6-0.  Ball Hogg got the surprise start in net and picked up a shutout.

Mega kept pace with a surprise 3-0 win over a depleted Biters squad.  The win keeps them one point back of WTP in the Southeast Division race with each team having two games left and Mega bearing the slightly tougher schedule.

Alas, there was no fairy tale ending this year as Fuzz took down Gut Rot.  The win keeps them in the top slot although Cobra Kai has a game in hand.  Fuzz clinched their division a few weeks ago.

The Rehabs beat Poutine 4-2 in a tight late game battle.  Cherie buried a couple while Sully had one for Poutine.  The win moves the Rehabs all the way up to the #5 seed in my totally unofficial and unverified league standings, which I have added below.  This is not guaranteed to be accurate in any way.  Game in hand means they’ve played 15 games as opposed to the 16 that most teams have completed by now.  Poutine still has extra games over everyone as they’ve only played 14.

Unofficial Standings (follow at your own risk)
1 – Fuzz
2 – Cobra Kai (game in hand on Fuzz)
3 – LBS
4 – Filthier
5 – Rehabs
6 – Fresh Kills (game in hand)
7 – Poutine (two games in hand)
8 – Biters
9 – Gremlins (game in hand)
10 – Karma
11 – Hookers (game in hand)
12 – WTP
13 – Mega
14 – Butchers (game in hand)
15 – Math
16 – Sky Fighters (game in hand)
17 – Gut Rot
18 – Demons (game in hand)
19 – Rainbows (game in hand)
20 – Riots

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