Burke played out of net for a change and helped the Butchers defeat Gut Rot.

The Rehabs found their mojo against Mega Touch by spreading the scoring around.

James and the Sky Fighters upset the heavily favored Instant Karma (who looked damn gurl sexy in their new unis) for a well deserved win.

Rainbows with their Yetter fellow lead by a goal at halftime, but Soko and Fresh Kills did what they do and won.

Russ found out that nobody fucks with the Coco, but Paul’s goal was enough for the evil dojo to get the W against the Biters.

LBS came out swinging with that Big Dick Energy and dominated the Pucks. Then proceeded to celebrate by leaving a massive mess behind at the courts. (come on, man)

Filthier pulled a Glanzer and scored an own goal, but still managed to beat the Riots.

The Demons had no weather fears and took out a depleted Math team.

The Hookers went to OT and told Walker and the Gremlins to “get out” (great horror movie, btw).

Poutine’s goalie stood on his head and got the W in a shootout against Fuzz. Viva la poo!

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