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by Hicks

No rain at halftime meant the Demons had to play their whole game which ended up being a loss to the Gremlins.

Filthier took out Fresh kills in a shootout for their second win against the champs this year. (LOL Shootouts)

Cobra Kai took care of business against Poutine in a tightly contested defensive battle.

Lbs and Fuzz went to a shootout with Fuzz prevailing and moving their win streak to 7 in a row. (LOL shootouts, again.)

The Rainbows hopped out to an early lead, but the Pucks proved too much once they got the shade in the second half.

Math and the Hookers went to the third LOL shootout of the day with Math coming out on top and Cro complaining about a “rigged system.”

Gut Rot Bitchezzz got back in the win column by defeating the Riots.

Instant Karma ended a 5 game skid with a shootout win over Mega Touch.

Sky Fighters fall in a one goal contest to the Biters.

The Butchers sliced, diced, and shutout the Rehabs/Man Bear Pigs. – by Chadwick 

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