Sky Fighters ground out a hard win against a formidable Riots team.

The Riots then trudged over to the West Court and played an epic game against Instant Karma that featured 5 ties, 3 lead changes and 12 goals.  The two goals by Alex EM (on loan from Mega) propelled Karma to victory.

Sky Righters remained on the East Court, and briefly in the shade, as they played a whopper of a game against the mighty forces of the Dark Rainbows.  Sky Fighters won again.

LBS, Inc. upended Math’s quest for consecutive Ws.  However, after the game Tadpole and other Mathematicians were invited into the LBS’s Man Tent where they were entertained with spirits and a vintage magazine.

With Ariel’s son and family in attendance Fresh Kills fought back against the Butchers and added two more points to their season total. (Get well, Pete!)

Always a friendly affair when the Pucks and Mega square off.  NOT.  A heavy game that nearly went to OT as the Orange Crush were able to finish off the Touches in regulation.

The Biters’ have been a goal scoring machine this season and rolled Fuzz by hanging 5 on them.

Campbell was back in town for the Squirrels championship and also helped his old dojo thwart a dangerous Habs team. 

Filthier handed the Hookers their second loss of the season causing lots of raised eyebrows around the league.

The Demons against Gremlins game wasn’t exactly, uh, friendly and needed a shootout to decide the victor.  Two points went to House Demons.

The Pous poured more than sugar over Gut Rot by scoring goals.

Both the Pous and Grems played their make-up game which ended up being a nail biter with the Grems taking home bragging rights.

See you next week!

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