Despite playing without any lady subs Mega Touch was still able to overcome Gut Rot and get the win.  (special thanks to Ann from Filthier for coming on late in the game so Julie could still be with us)

There was no threat of rain so Adam and the Denim Demons were forced to play the full contest against LJ and Cobra Kai…..with a CK win.

Poutine may have completed the season sweep against Instant Karma but we damn sure celebrated like Panama when Derek scored.

Eli kept Maths’ hopes alive with his second half goal, but Filthier quickly responded and responded and responded. (insert eye roll emoji)

Fuzz narrowly got past the Sky Fighters who played a tremendous hockey game.  Caroline was all over the place making plays, Greg scored a goal late in the game and Stein made 35+ saves.  

The Riots exacted revenge on the Dark Rainbows by giving them a knuckle sandwich.

A talent depleted Gremlins team dug deep to pull out the win against the Pucks on a last minute goal by a hero.

The Butchers continue to have the LBS’s number (no.1 power ranking, sure).  From all of us here at the media we hope you get well soon, Alex.

The Anklebiters and Hookers squared off in a rematch of last year’s playoff classic with the Hookers winning this one as well.

Fresh Kills looked to right the ship against Rehabulous.  And that they did. Late in the game Tom tied it up and may have also buried the go-ahead.

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