The Biters blanked the Gremlins and now have a date with Cobra Kai next Sunday.

Filthier defeated a hungry Mega Touch and now have the pleasure of hosting Fresh Kills.

LBS nearly held the Demons off of the scoresheet and will have a much tougher time trying that trick against Poutine Machine.

Fresh Kills got one heck of a good scare against the ferocious Pucks and better have Gabe when they clash with Filther.

Fuzz would have preferred to have Mike T against Meyer-less Math and he might be in attendance next Sunday against Rehabs.

Rehabs and Hookers played a game I didn’t watch, but I do know that the Rehabs are moving on to face Fuzz.

Dark Rainbows lead for a brief while against Cobra Kai before their PBR Cup hopes sailed out the window like a deflating ballon.  The evil dojo will face the Biters next week.

The Poutine and Karma game went to a shootout with Jerome’s fancy feet winning it for the Poos again.  They’ve earned the privilege of losing to LBS next Sunday.

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