Around the League – Heat Fears

Here’s what we know:

A depleted Hookers squad, with Lee Bonkers in net, narrowly survived against the Sky Fighters.

The Demons took Nicorette and the Machine to a shootout, but Jerome’s fancy footwork got the shootout winner in the 7th round.

Scott K (the OG) scored first for Gut Rot, however, Zach F then scored 4 straight for the Demons.

The Poos finally decided to finish their games and brushed aside the Dark Rainbows.

Brett and the Dark Rainbows (dude got a brace) gave the Trembles and Instant Karma a good game, but Cory’s hat trick earned Karma their first 20 point season.

The Norri were finally back at BTSH and in the lineup for Math against the Butchers!  That’s about all they celebrated as Pete d and Sabrina rolled to a W.

The Pucks and Poutine game got a bit serious at times (get better Mikey) with Zac watching from the sidelines (you get better as well big guy) and Jerome nailing the empty netter to secure the his team’s third victory of the day.

Danielle and Filthier welcomed back Jena and Ben from Colorado and overcame the 2-0 hole they found themselves in a the half against Phil’s Biters to win, baby.  (Not sure if Probie scored…)

Here’s what we think: 

Mega Touch fought hard against Cobra Kai with Paul’s man-child in attendance, but Liam is just too damn much.

Fuzz fell to their nemesis, the Rehabs.

Carlin and the Sky Fighters upset the overconfident Fresh Kills

Gremlins came up a bit short against LJ and Cobra Kai, but Erich scored a goal.  Leading up to…

Against the Suz and the Riots it wasn’t easy, but the Gremlins earned two points and Erich scored only four goals.  Falling short of the 2018 scoring title.

Hookers and LBS finished their game by candlelight with LBS earning the W.

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