The Riots scored against Fresh Kills! However, Fresh Kills scored more. Fresh Kills will face the Hookers next Sunday in the Sweet Sixteen. Line is at Hookers -0.5.

Gut Rot played an amazing first half against Mega Touch, but Jeff and Tuckman lead Mega to victory. Mega Touch has a face-off next Sunday with the Rehabs. Line is at Rehabs -4.5.

Emily and the Sky Fighters won the Stamina Bowl against a depleted Math team. (Taplole’s chances at the ROY just fell off a cliff.) Sky Fighters will face a thirsty Biters squad next Sunday. Line is at Biters -3.5.

The Butchers and Dark Rainbows played the most thrilling game of the day with the Dark Rainbows winning in OT. Dripping Dark Rainbows and Jess have a date next Sunday with the Powerhouse LBS and Scotty K. Line is at LBS -6.5.

Thank you to everyone that came out for an entertaining scrimmage!

Special thinks to Alex from Mega, BSA from Poutine, and Bryan and Mike T from Dark Rainbows for helping to clean up and put the equipment away.

See you next week at the Sweet Sixteen!

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