Around the League – 2019 Opening Round of the PBR Cup Playoffs

The Riots scored against Fresh Kills! However, Fresh Kills scored more. Fresh Kills will face the Hookers next Sunday in the Sweet Sixteen. Line is at Hookers -0.5.

Gut Rot played an amazing first half against Mega Touch, but Jeff and Tuckman lead Mega to victory. Mega Touch has a face-off next Sunday with the Rehabs. Line is at Rehabs -4.5.

Emily and the Sky Fighters won the Stamina Bowl against a depleted Math team. (Taplole’s chances at the ROY just fell off a cliff.) Sky Fighters will face a thirsty Biters squad next Sunday. Line is at Biters -3.5.

The Butchers and Dark Rainbows played the most thrilling game of the day with the Dark Rainbows winning in OT. Dripping Dark Rainbows and Jess have a date next Sunday with the Powerhouse LBS and Scotty K. Line is at LBS -6.5.

Thank you to everyone that came out for an entertaining scrimmage!

Special thinks to Alex from Mega, BSA from Poutine, and Bryan and Mike T from Dark Rainbows for helping to clean up and put the equipment away.

See you next week at the Sweet Sixteen!

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