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The  time listed in the schedule is the GAME START TIME! not the “warm up start time,” “arrive by time,” or anything but GAME START TIME! so, show up WELL BEFORE the time listed!


Assume that the games are ON unless you hear from your team captain or the league manager. in the event of a rain-out, the league manager will contact all the captains by email or phone and will send a message to the BTSH yahoo group list (which is why it’s vital that you join that list). the captains are to do their best to inform their teams. there are two rain dates in the schedule, and if possible any canceled games will be rescheduled. if you arrive to the games and find the conditions unacceptably unsafe to you, you cannot be compelled to play. in that event, inform your captain and the league manager.


BTSH plays in shoes/sneakers. NOT rollerblades, in-line skates, rollerskates, etc. – they are not permitted. any equipment, including footware, that is deemed unsafe by the refs or league manager is not permitted.

players must use a hockey stick that fits u.s.a. hockey standards, and each team is required to have a uniform of consistent color which reasonably contrasts with their opponent (the home team has priority in the event colors are too similiar). all other protective equipment is solely at the discretion of the individual player. however, the league strongly recommends the use of eye protection (sports goggles), hockey gloves and shin protection. helmets are also recommended. players are allowed to use any protective hockey gear that conforms to u.s.a. hockey standards.


Goalies must wear a helmet, chest protector, goalie leg pads and suitable gloves (catcher and blocker) for hand protection. they are permitted to play with a goalie stick, and may use any equipment that conforms to u.s.a. hockey standards.

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PLAYERS / there are no limits on rosters, but all teams must have at least 6 players (including a goalie). in the event that a team does not have a goalie, they may play with 6 regular players, but a player without the required goalie gear may not play as the goalie and does not have goalie privileges. all teams must be co-ed and at least two females must be on the court/rink as part of the 5 non-goalie players at all times. if a team cannot put the required number of women on the court/rink then they must play shorthanded.


Preliminary rosters are due a week before the first game of the season and final rosters are due two days before the first game of the season. the rosters are frozen for the first three games of the season. rosters may be altered throughout the season, but are frozen again for the last three games of the regular season before the playoffs, and until the end of the season.


Each team has one captain who is the direct representative of the team to the league and is responsible for making sure that the team and all of the players are in compliance with league rules, regulations and policy. the captain is responsible for making sure that the team is aware of the team’s schedule, making sure that there are enough players and a goalie for every game, and for guiding, controlling the team and players. a team can have as many captains or co-captains as they wish to distribute responsibility, however only ONE captain shall be the representative to the league.

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