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BTSH Captains

The league is administrated and run by the execs, but the 20 team captains help make all the big decisions and keep the league viable by keeping the teams organized. They are the glue that holds the league together and keeps it strong.

League Founder-SB

(hockey deceased)

SB founded the league in ’00, and played most every sunday until she left this hockey earth. Her spirit is very much alive though, not just on the courts or at the amphitheater near Corlears Hook Park where she used to run shows with the East River Music Project (who are very much alive and need your donations, hup to), but in the hearts of children, the songs of birds, and the expletives of the frustrated. Ask her about: the good ol days, what the afterlife is like, eternity. Notice hockey is not on that list. Such is death.

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