It was difficult to whittle the stars down to 3, this week.  400 people entered, 3 people left (with a star). Well….4, really. 

3rd star:  Gabe, Fresh Kills

Since Gabe is such a prolific scorer, him scoring a hat-trick only warrants a 3rd star. Sorry man.  You’re always 1st star of the week in my book, buddy. 

Gabe looking on wondering why his teammates didnt also all score 3 goals each Sunday.

Gabe looking on wondering why his teammates didnt also all score 3 goals each on Sunday.

2.5 star:  Aaron Friedman, Dark Rainbows

Aaron scored the shootout winner with a great move to end his team’s winless streak.
When asked by this reporter how he did it he replied “i eat my Wheaties.  Oh, and being in my mid-20s helps”. 

congrats to the Rainbows on notching their first W of the season.

2nd star: Joe Kozlowski (free agent) and James Stewart, Math

As stated above, it really was too difficult to whittle down to 3 this week.  Sorry for having to create a shared star.
Joe K. notched a shutout against the always offensive Demons (check the double meaning there, son). Lbs. were out a goalie at the last minute and Joe stepped up from free agency to get them the shutout victory.  This may have been his first career shutout.  I’m not certain.  but, then, I don’t have to be certain.

James Stewart, perhaps best known for being Cherie’s much nicer brother (#sorrynotsorry, Cherie. love you boo. ha) went on a tear yesterday, scoring 2 out of 3 of Math’s goals, including the OT game winner. Both goals were scored within seconds of an opening whistle (his 1st goal within 10 seconds of the start of the game, and his OT winner less than 30 seconds into OT). 

(i can’t seem to log onto Facebook from this computer to lift a photo of James or Joe.  it’s really annoying me right now.)

1st star: Eric Ramirez, Gut Rot, bitches!!!

It was brought to my attention that Ramirez single-handedly both:  1. found the parks dept. permit, and 2. dispersed the unruly basketball players so that the 1pm game could start (not) on time.
It is true acts of valor such as this which earn you 1st star in JW’s book.  Not something like scoring a hat-trick for your team (again, I’m really sorry Gabe). 

Ashley came for two things, crabs and championships, and got both.  After choking-out her boyfriend Eric with a Ronda Rousey like chokehold, she went on to help shut down that #17 dude who caused so many of us grief. And not the good kinda grief.  But besides playing lock-down D, she also had a giant assist on the Underdogs second goal in the Championship Game. Ashley took a low shot that teammate Blake easily put into an empty net.

Seriously Rich, this is the only photo you have of Ramirez saved into this WordPress??

Wait, here is another one:
If Mike Smith (formerly of Math) plays than you will surely win Diane. But can we get to the playoff games now?

Yeah, i miss Mike Smith too, y’all.

Honorable mention:

It was suggested to me that I give an honorable mention to Benjamin J. Chadwick.  
Everybody’s favorite Dr. Clavicle scored a goal his 3rd week in a row to keep his scoring streak going AND completed the season sweep of his old team, the Happy Little Elves. 
I GUESS I agree with this honorable mention suggestion.

Ben and Rich at a Mets game right before the Caps/Rangers Game 7 in 2009.

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