3 Stars of the Week

3 stars

3rd star: Greg Altman – Cobra Kai

Who said considerate and thoughtful can’t earn you a star? Greg made a special effort to offer and bring us the gift that keeps on giving: Mexican wrestling masks. Thinking of us from abroad, Greg showed up like a kitschy and cool Santa Claus with a sack full of these things…..laughing all the way. Not only did he come bearing gifts, he played AND reffed a game. Thanks for thinking of us, Altman.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – BTSH isn’t only about hockey, it’s about community.

2nd star: James Stewart and Cherie Stewart – Mathematics

James and Cherie

There were no Norrises in sight (due to a family reunion) for this always friendly matchup.  It turned out Math didnt need them in order to get the victory as James notched a hat trick and Cherie put up 2.  The sibling dream team combined for all 5 of Math’s goals in their 5-3 victory over my Gremlins. If I didnt like them both so much, I might hate them for this.  ha.  Great game, Stewarts. 
ps – the question remains, though: should I feel personally proud for keeping the always lethal Joey Batista off the score sheet in that game?   No.  No, pride is definitely not something I felt after that game. haha. 

1st star: Dana Kravis – Butchers

Dana and Schuie Dana Kravis

And the 1st star of the week goes to long-time league favorite Dana Kravis. If Dana is someone not known for leading the league in scoring each season, she could’ve fooled this reporter yesterday. The Butchers have a ton of firepower, but none of those shooters found themselves on the score sheet yesterday.  Dana took matters into her own hands scoring the only Butchers goal in regulation AND the only shootout goal, cementing the 2-1 victory for her team. I happened to be watching this shootout and Dana made a great forehand-backhand move, and slid it right underneath the diving ‘tender.  the crowd went wild.  Captain Rachel Greene even ran out onto the rink and lifted up the game’s star after the glorious goal. Congratulations to a player who embodies everything BTSH should be.
A well-deserved 1st star, Dana.

Honorable mention: Jamie Batuwantudawe – Gremlins
Jamie played 3 games yesterday. You may be thinking “what’s the big deal, Jamie regularly plays 3 games a Sunday?” The difference yesterday was that he played 3 BACK-TO-BACK AT THE HOTTEST POINTS OF THE DAY – the 1pm, 2pm, and 3pm games. with the heat index rising to 104 degrees (!!!) Jamie suited up when no other goalies would/could. The difference is that for once I don’t think Jamie wanted to play all these games, and he definitely didn’t expect to have to. He did it because no other goalies were about, and because he is a league nice guy. Other goalies yesterday were quoted as saying: “Wow, much respect for Jamie.” and “I couldn’t have done what he did.” and “What the fuck was he thinking, is he insane???” 
He even managed to log a shutout playing for Cobra Kai.  We won’t talk about how he did in the other 2 games. 


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