3 stars of the Quarterfinals!

3 stars

3rd star: Sam Norris – passionate New York Riveters fan

Sam and Rachel

beer Riveters Sam

beer here.

(photo credit: MDF!)

I was originally considering doing this as an Honorable (Dishonorable? ha) Mention, but it was too glorious an occurrence not to be a star. 

Written by guest writer and lovable curmudgeon Rachel Greene:

Let’s set the scene: first NWHL Riveters game in Brooklyn, a crowd of BTSHers commute all the way the down to the bottom depths of Brooklyn to support Dani, Cherie and all the other amazing women we don’t know.

Riveters are down 2-0, and are forechecking hard, crashing the net. Finally they get one in…the crowd goes wild. Too soon. The ref(Aaron Friedman?) signals no goal. The crowd jeers. Somewhere in this angry melee a beer careens towards the rink and crashes against the glass, spraying adults and small children. All the children.
Who? Who would throw a beer basically at children?? Everyone looks confused. Then we turn around, and ready with a fist bump, Sam Norris says with pride “First beer thrown at a NWHL game.”

2nd star: Stephanie Cooper – Sky Fighters 

Stephanie Cooper

Cheers, Scoops.


Scoops scored her first career playoff goal this week, opening the scoring against a potent Lbs. squad.  It would have been the game winner if Lbs. hadn’t scored one late. When asked how she did it she said like 7 things really fast and I barely understood any of them. She was so elated that she could barely speak.  Take a breath, Scooper, take a breath. She is still reeling from the goal, I think I spotted her yesterday describing it in great detail to a random cashier at Trader Joe’s who had to awkwardly ask her to please stop holding up the line. As well she should be excited – the goal played a big part in lifting the Sky Fighters over a higher ranked Lbs. team. Great goal Scoops, and congrats on the star. 

Keep an eye on her on Sunday, we’ll find out if she can put one past this next guy………….

1st star of the week: $h0wT!m3 Melendez – Reeeeeeeehabs!!


Some of you may be saying “Yo Dubs, why you givin’ $how 1st star, he didn’t get a shutout this week?”. To those people I say: shut the hell up and let me write, I have barely had any time to write these this week and I’m super stressed out and busy and having trouble concentrating and……oh, where were we? I’ll tell you why – because he beat one of the league’s top offensive teams this week, and he did so by keeping a clean sheet through 4 rounds of a playoff shootout. Additionally, he is a huge part of the reason the Rehabs are where they are right now.  Hector didn’t start playing in net regularly until only a couple years ago, and he has improved by leaps and bounds since then.  When he first started, I was all like “Yo Hect, imma light you up, son.” But I didn’t light him up. (ok, that part is not surprising) This year, however, NO ONE did.  His GAA is incredibly low, and while he does have a strong defense in front of him (big ups to my girl Sena), a big part of that low GAA is his own skill and perseverance. Ask any Rehab and they’ll tell you they wouldn’t have made it this far without him. Even more importantly, BTSH wouldn’t be what it is without him. So congratulations to a longtime league staple who is also currently retired on a hard-fought and well-deserved 1st star.

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