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3rd Star:  Liz B.

Boylan had an assist on the OT winner in the Lbs’ quarterfinal win over Fresh Kills, and scored the first 2 goals in their semifinal win over the Gremlins, including the game winner. Not bad for a mermaid.

2nd Star: Ryann G.

Ryann tied up Fuzz’ semifinal game vs. Cobra Kai 1-1 to force OT. Craig and I were on the sidelines watching and we called the tick-tack sequence between Ryann and Gil likely the best we’ve ever seen in our BTSH careers. That is a huge claim, but if you saw it then you’ll know. She then hammered in the game winner in OT to catapult Fuzz to the finals and their eventual repeat championship, the first ever repeat in modern BTSH history. On top of all this she is far cooler than you.

1st Star: Tim Brown

There was no question who was 1st star of the day. (This may have been the first time the Media team didn’t argue over it.) Timmy gave up only 2 goals in 3+ games worth of time (his semifinal game went to OT, and the finals had a full game’s worth of OT). The ball was in Fuzz’ end for the majority of the double-length game, but with support from his team, support from the Heckle Wall, and straight up determination he turned away shot after shot from the Lbs’ potent offense. Then when the sad fact that a shootout was going to happen reared its ugly head…he won that too. After many years representing what the league is supposed to be all about and still suffering from the PTSD of being Commissioner, Timmy finally got his championship. Then to top it all off he was inducted into the Hall Of Fame later that evening. Incredibly well-deserved, on all counts. Tim Brown – we salute you.

Honorable mentions:

The Heckle Wall
The Heckle Wall started out with Craig and Joe P. running across the court asses out, and it stayed just as old school BTSH as that the whole time. For the nearly 2-hour championship game the booooos and chants rained down. Other than their unwavering support for Timmy, no one was safe. They were even heckling the north dugout’s “heckle wall” for being too boring/not heckling enough. (The fake heckle wall deserved it.)

The Gremlins
After struggling a bit this season, and barely avoiding having to play the play-in game, the #12 seed Gremlins pulled a huge upset over the #2 seed Biters on Sunday to advance to the semifinals for the first time in team history. When asked whether he felt this was the biggest upset in BTSH history, Glanzer was not immediately available for comment. 

Dishonorable mention: Nightfall.

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