From the daily archives: "Tuesday, March 24, 2020"

Another massive shout out to all of the essential personnel that make deliveries, stock shelves, keep the water flowing (and flushing), haul our trash and guard us while we sleep. Thank you!

Social Distancing Stops the Spread

How to Improve Your Hockey Skills During COVID-19 Quarantine

By Reptar

Hey there faithful reader. Are you looking to improve your hockey skills during the current COVID-19 outbreak/quarantine/shutdown/apocalypse? Do you want speed like McDavid? Vision like Crosby? A shot like Ovie? Flow like Kaner? All from the confines of your over-priced apartment?

Well…you’re in luck. For two easy payments of $69.69 you can be the proud owner of “The Ultimate BTSH Quarantine VHS Deluxe Set”.

But for now, here’s a free sneak peek:

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