From the daily archives: "Saturday, November 9, 2019"

To round out a delayed 2019 season, we had the PBR quarterfinals featuring Sebastien’s favourite 7 (and not 8) teams, the semi finals, and finals all on Sunday, alongside some Schlitz cup games that were almost as eventful as the PBR games.

Schlitz Cup Play in Round

Gut Rot 0 @ WTP 4

Goalie Loss – Heather A

WTP – SteveT, Sam McI, Eric, Noah

Goalie Half Shutout Win – Hoggystyle

Game Notes: Cro and Hogg each had an assist in this game, as ref and goalie (wait what?), and Heather played goalie while Ramirez was showing up “on time” as he usually does.

Mega Touch defeated Riots

Dark Rainbows defeated Sky Fighters

Schlitz Cup Semi Finals

Dark Rainbows 2 @ Mega Touch 0

Goalie Shutout Win – Toriello

Schlitz Cup Finals

Dark Rainbows 0 @ WTP 1

Goalie Loss – Toriello

WTP – Hanif

Goalie Other Half Shutout Win – Hoggystyle

Game Notes: It’s not every day in BTSH that you can get outplayed by Gut Rot and Dark Rainbows and get a trophy for it. Congrats WTP, that’s why you’re the Schlitz cup champs!

“If only WTP had a professional photographer on the team who could take a better shot of the flashy new engraving(s) on Lady Schlitz.”

PBR Cup Quarterfinals

Fuzz 4 @ Rehabs 2

Fuzz – Mike T x2, Boy Ryan x2

Goalie Win – Tim Bwn

Rehabs – Hicks, Sena

Goalie Loss – Ramirez

Fresh Kills 1 @ Pounds 2 F/OT

Gremlins 4 @ Biters 3

Gremlins – Erich x3 (6), Busch (1)

Goalie Win – Jamie B

Biters – Caroline, Andy, Jimmy

Goalie Loss – Craiggers

Game Notes: After another big upset, and convincingly so, Gremlins make the PBR Cup Semi Finals after shutting down the #2 seed Anklebiters.

Cobra Kai defeated Karma and it was ugly early and often

Game Notes: What game was supposed to have the stop he’s already dead Simpson’s meme?!

PBR Cup Semi Finals

Gremlins 0 @ Pounds 5

Goalie Loss – Jamie (2-1)

Pounds – Boylin x2, Florian, Avery, Karsten

Goalie Shutout Win – Mike Sizzler

Liz, your pads are on backwards.

Fuzz 2 @ Cobra Kai 1 F/OT

Fuzz – Girl Ryann x2

Goalie OT Win – Tim Bwn

Cobra Kai – Gil Ween

Goalie OT Loss – Campbell

PBR Cup Finals

Fuzz 2 @ Pounds 1 F/SO

Fuzz – Miles

Goalie SO Win – Tim Bwn

Pounds – Jason

Goalie SO Loss – Mike Sizzler

Shootout Best of 5 Rounds

Fuzz / / / Pounds

Gil – X / / / Avery – Goal

Mike T – Goal / / / Luke – Goal

Ryann – X / / / Jesse – X

Jeff – Goal / / / Kesley – X

Andrea – Goal / / / Frey – X

Fuzz Wins Shootout 3-2, Andrew with the Shootout Winner. Make the Final! Fuzz 2, Pounds 1.

Game Notes: Both teams probably felt that they had a goal taken back in this one, as a penalty negated an early goal by Fuzz and then a ball that looked to be entering the goal was never conclusively in the net…both goalies went through two scoreless periods of overtime without giving a goal. After 2 extra sessions, there was only sunlight for an extended shootout to decide the championship, with Fuzz making a late comeback in rounds 4 and 5 to win the PBR cup.

Jeff makes the same face for every championship. That way, you can’t tell which ones he is more excited for.