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Rock The Vote!

Wednesday, October 30th, 2019

written by JW

Every year the BTSH Media works incredibly hard and writes a bunch of forgettable articles and previews (we literally forgot about several of them, until some brave soul went digging) that 7% of the league reads and 1.5% of the league enjoys. 

The time of year has come again for you, the BTSH voting public, to decide who you feel deserves the coveted Clavvy Award this year (, as well as who wrote the best previews of the year. 

As always, the winner will get beer or yoo-hoo from the great Dr. Clavicle himself. 

You thought this was Greenwald too, didn’t you?

2019 BTSH Award Nominations

Wednesday, October 30th, 2019

It’s here!  The moment you BTSHers have been waiting for…

2019 BTSH Award Nominations!!!

Congratulations to each of the nominees.  The winners will be announced LIVE during the end of season party at the Parkside Lounge this Sunday, November 3rd.  The festivities kick-off after the conclusion of the PBR and Schlitz Cup finals with plenty of drink specials to make you think Russ is funny.  We’ll see you there!