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Who To Root For

Tuesday, October 29th, 2019

By the Masked Elf

7 teams left, only one will win the coveted PBR Cup. And if you’re not one one of the 7 teams, or in one of Frey’s depraved sports pools, you might have trouble picking a team to root for. Gil recently asked me if anyone was rooting for Fuzz, and I said, “Maybe (Brian Sullivan Alert) Brian Sullivan.” 

Well The Masked Elf is her to help you choose who to root for. Because while all 7 teams are filled with assholes that are unlovable, they each have one good person left.


No, not saying Boylan. She won’t return a phone call for 3 days she can go to hell. The person to root for here is the King of Degens, Alex Frey. The guy sets up pools for all the gamblers, uses the Free Agent list, and always has an alcoholic beverage for you after the game, even if it is disgusting box wine. Good luck Mr. Freylikhman, you are certainly a Gentlemen.