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2019 Cinderella Stories

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019

By Richiehero

Everyone loves a BTSH Cinderella story, but since the Modern Era (2008-2015) they have been pretty rare. I’d venture to say the last terrible team to win a BTSH Championship was the Lbs., in 2012. With 7 teams left there really are still two teams that can shock the BTSH Universe, win the PBR Cup, and more importantly, claim Cinderella status. The Gremmies and Instant Karma.


Outside of giving stars to girls who play the whole game, the most played out thing for the media to do is say, “What xxxx is this team.” Punch me in the face because, “Still the Same” by the late great Bob Se-ger would be their song.

They rarely get superstars but when they do they often get poached (Craig, Joe P., Hicks), yet never do any poaching. While you rarely see a Gremlin outside of Jamie and Walker at a bar (and those two idiots don’t even drink), this old veteran crusty crew is surely a team everyone would pull for if they made it to the finals. They have a top 10ish player in Erich and a really good goalie, so it’s not out of the realm here. The odds are slim, but that’s what makes them a Cinderella team, dummy. Ha.