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2019 Elite Eight Previews

Friday, October 18th, 2019

12. Gremlins v 2. Gouging Anklebiters

By Jess

In the hand pass heard round the world*, the Gremlins blanked WTP and stonewalled their 10 game winning streak while simultaneously destroying their playoff dreams. While the reffing calls of a week ago are neither here nor there, the Gremlins won’t be so “lucky” this time and will have to bring it against the #2 team in the league. Speaking of luck, Walker is sidelined yet again due to injury in a game where his defensive skills are greatly needed. If Jamie can have another shutout it would be v much appreciated but like, no pressure at all Jamie!!!! It’s important to note that last game they were missing Walker and Rockoff. If the Salt Boyzzz return in full fighting form this game might be closer than I originally thought. 

*side note, does anyone else picture Walker as the evil emperor from Star Wars who says “good, let the hate flow through you” whilst everyone was getting pissed about the hand pass call?

The Biters decimated the Sky Fighters 7-1 last week and that was without Probie (who was busy getting inducted into his high school lacrosse hall of fame IT’S TRUE YOU CAN FACT CHECK ME ON IT). The narrative is always Biters + Probie but I think last week’s game showed just how much of a well oiled machine this team really is. They’ve all played together for quite some time and have a good mix of new blood, with a veteran goalie. I would say their “weakest” point is their defense, which will match up nicely against the feisty offense of the Gremlins. 

Key Matchup: Erich v Probie- this tough because Erich, as you all know, is my best friend but I’ll still stick with Probie on this one nabbing 2 goals to Erich’s 1.

Prediction: Biters 4, Gremlins 1.