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2019 Sweet Sixteen Previews – Part 1

Thursday, October 10th, 2019

12. Gremlins at 5. What The Puck

by Isaac

In this corner: What The Puck

Dominant narrative: the obvious choice is the winning streak the Pucks went on over the course of three months. However, the correct one is the Pucks dominance over the Gremlins.  This season the Pucks were the only division team to sweep the Gremlins and historically Justin has owned Jamie (you might want to accept that friend request before Sunday’s game). 

Player to watch: Annie, the human evolution of the force of field hockey.  The asphalt rink tilts in the Pucks’ favor when she’s out there doing work.

Bandwagonability: 7/10.  What’s not to like about a team ascending from division 4 to 3 one year and then 3 to 2 the following year? 

In this corner: Gremlins

Dominant narrative: After starting the season off at a promising 6-3-0 things quickly turned sour as they went into a tailspin.  While the Pucks were enjoying success for three months the Gremlins were absolutely frustrated and miserable.  The only win over that span came against 20th ranked Gut Rot.  However, the two wins they picked up on the last day of the season are encouraging.

Player to watch: Erich.  He’s the bingo this team rides to the bank. 

Bandwagonability: 1/10.  Beat the Pucks.  Then we’ll talk.

Prediction: If Erich shows up with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove then we’ll be treated to a hell of game.  Having said that, it takes a team effort against Emily, Mike Mc, and Susie.  I’m predicting a tight game with the Pucks pulling away near the end 4-2.