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2019: Play in Round Weekend – Scoring Highlights

Tuesday, October 8th, 2019

On to the box scores…

Riots 1 @ Fresh Kills 5

Riots – David F (1)

Goalie Loss – Dave GdR (0-1)

Fresh Kills – Tom R x3 (3), Nate (1), Nicole H (1)

Goalie Win – Barch Pile (1-0)

Game Notes: Riots are now looking ahead to a Schlitz cup run that will top last year’s 3rd place finish in the lower conference playoff pool.

Advanced Analytics: After forgetting how to inbound the ball legally in his Week 12 makeup game, Tom remembered how to score goals as well (it’s amazing what making 5 games will do for a guy) and scored early and often in this one.

Last year Gabe was out of town and WTP really should have beat FK in the Round of 16.
One year later, and this is the only hope for the Hookers…?

Rut Rot 0 @ Mega Touch 5

Goalie Loss – Peter Parker via FA

Mega – Alex EM (1), Nate L (1), Julie x2 (2), Nadya (1)

Goalie Shutout Win – Mike T (1-0, 1 Shutout)

Game Notes: Tuckman notches the first shutout of the BTSH playoffs, helping Mega avenge the recent OT loss against their Michaliga Katz divisional foe.

Trust in the waffleboard.

Dank Bows 2 @ Butchers 1 F/OT

Rainbows – Dan C x2 (2)

Goalie OT Win – Greenwald (1-0)

Butchers – Pete d’A (1)

Goalie OT Loss – Tim Brk (0-1)

Game Notes: Like their division mates, Math, the real losers in the play-in round are the division 2 teams who lost that are ineligible to keep playing some “meaningful” Schlitz cup street hockey for the rest of the month. Enjoy golf season.

Without Yetter again next week…who could possibly step up (at centre/center?) and fill the void for Rainbows. No one is coming to mind…

Math 0 @ Sky Fighters 3

Goalie Loss – David L (0-1)

Sky Fighers – Dana L (1), Moez (1), Brett (1)

Goalie Shutout Win – OG James (1-0, 1 Shutout)

Game Notes: Sky Fighters brass are hopeful that a playoff entry into the Round of 16 means some of their new talent have bought into the team’s future. On the other hand, maybe Tadpole Jack is now also poachable?

Forget golf…more free time for…whatever this is.

Karma 6 @ Gremlins 8 (Scrimmage)

Game Notes: I was told Walker did not show up. #PlayingTimeConcerns

He’ll steal plenty of FA scrimmage time, however.

On to the real playoffs…!