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2019 PBR Cup Opening Round Previews

Friday, October 4th, 2019

By Jess

15. Butchers v 18. Dark Rainbows

In this corner: The Butchers

The road so far: Not the Butchers we’re used to, but despite a few setbacks they’ve won key games against tough opponents. 

The history books: Last year the Butchers lost this exact play in game to the Rainbows in what was a crazy upset.

Injury report: Pete still might be out from when he messed up his elbow a few weeks back. Meredith is out for the count with a mid season ACL tear.

One player to watch: Brady. He cut his hair so people wouldn’t recognize him but it didn’t work. Whether you think he’s underrated or overrated he’s still dangerous with the ball, folks.

Key number: 4- the exact number of women they’ll have playing due to injuries. 2 is better than none in terms of breaks and subs

Dominant narrative: It’s been a bumpy road but if they succeed in this game they should be able to give their next opponent a tough time.

The big question: Will history repeat itself? 

Bandwagon-ability: Fairly high. How could you not cheer for the lovable faces of Dana, Rachel and Creamy.

One good reason to root for them: Creamy said if they win him and Diana won’t move to Delaware WOOOO