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2019 Playoff Preview (Part 2)

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019

15) Butchers

Richie Hero: The Butchers have had a history of deep playoff runs, as they made it to the semis in 2010 and 2011, the first two years of their existence. With such a proud history, I have to believe they want revenge on the Rainbows for beating them last year. Yetter is the best player on the court, but I’m going to go with RGII and the Butchers. They prob can’t beat the Lbs. so they better hope for one upset, but if they play the Anklebiters, it will be a good game. 

Arya: As the 15th seed there’s no way mathematically for the Butchers to play the #1 seeded LBS in the Round of 16.  But they will give whomever they do face (Biters or Hookers) a lot of trouble if they play the way they can. Of course, they have to get there first and getting by a Rainbows team that eliminated them last season and improved won’t be easy.  They will get a slight lift in getting Tarzan back from his latest ACL surgery, but will it be enough? I give them 50/50 to get by the Bows but the Biters and Rehabs probably have too much firepower.

Meatbox: The Butchers are one of the hardest teams to read in this entire bracket. It seems like every year they give some of the top teams in the league trouble (wins over Hookers & Rehabs this year, while constantly giving trouble to the Lbs), but then they get upset in games they shouldn’t (see last years play-in matchup with the Rainbows). That being said, they are one of the two teams playing in the play-in round that I would be the least surprised to see make it to the elite 8. Just comes down to who shows up for them starting this weekend.

JW: This is the game of the week, and will likely be one of the tightest games in the entire playoffs. The Butchers will be itching to get revenge for last year, and the New Rainbows will be itching to prove they’re the real deal. This one goes to OT, but Jessica is not the hero this time (and even if she was, I won’t be there to film it). The OT hero……is Arthur.


Three Stars of Week 18 (Heat Fears Make-up Games)

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019

Third Star

Big Willie from Cobra Kai

With the evil dojo on the ropes, and all hope seeming lost, Will G dug deep to muster the umph that sparked their turnaround.  He potted two goals to give his team the lead that guided them to victory.