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2019 Playoff Preview (Part 1)

Tuesday, October 1st, 2019

Four heroes are going to dish on how the 20 BTSH teams who qualified for the playoffs or play-in game will do.  Any complaints should be directed at one hero in particular, Richie Hero, as he is used to dealing with random people yelling at clouds from his time manning the phones at Crime Stoppers.

20) Gut Rot

Richie Hero: When Gut Rot has a goalie, they win games. Eric and Ed have provided their fare share of W’s along the way, but sadly, Eitan refused to goalie 4 them and they’ve been stuck with a goalie by committee year. Truth be told, I think Russ is funnier than Eitan, and I don’t think Russ is that funny.

Arya: Gut Rot went from five wins and 18th place to two wins and 20th place.  Was Ed leaving really that big of a blow? Fans of narratives will say yes as Gut Rot dropped two spots while WTP went from 12th to 5th.  However, Gut Rot only let up three more goals this year than last year but scored 22 rather than 35, a massive 37% drop in scoring. Whatever the issue is, in playing one of the only two teams they beat this season, they have an amazing chance to notch an improbable playoff victory. If Shelly is there, I don’t think they can do it.

Meatbox: Given the fact that I lose championships every year, look for Gut Rot to win their first round matchup (they’ve beaten Mega once this season), forcing the Rehabs to have to play Fresh Kills in round 2 while Gut Rot is rewarded with a date with the Lbs. Did I just make this about me? Yes, I’ve gone full JW.

JW: Wait, when I was asked to do this I wasn’t told there would be hockey involved.