From the daily archives: "Wednesday, September 11, 2019"

By Tracy Demon

Whew, a LOT happened last weekend you guys. First and foremost, our friends?frenemies FRIENDS the skaters managed to save our mutually beloved corner of Tompkins from turfing and held a protest-turned-celebration on Saturday. True victory for the proverbial little guy and NYC history too. So what does this mean for us?! Are we still moving? No one knows! Roller coaster of emotions I tell ya.

On any other week the skaters might have nabbed one of the stars, but it turns out a bunch of folks done played hockey real good on Sunday. So without further ado…

Third Star

Hats off to the Hookers ladies

Remember the recent past when the Hookers used to lose games mainly because of attendance problems? I’m not sure if they still have attendance problems, but when you achieve a 6-0 victory based entirely on two hat tricks by Eleni Tebano and Sarah Newnam, you really don’t need that many more people to show.

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