From the daily archives: "Friday, September 6, 2019"

written by The Money and The Banana Stand

So, this week’s previews are Arrested Development-themed. If you have (foolishly) never watched the show and as such get none of our references, well…that’s your own fault, now isn’t it? 

Editor’s note: I said this would be an extremely niche preview but someone didn’t want to hear me out.

Lbs, Inc. (GOB Bluth) vs.  Poutine Machine (Annyong Bluth)

The Lbs are like GOB in that they are shifty magicians who date females well above their pay grade. Poutine are like Annyong in that they are angry, and always seem to be out for revenge. 

Prediction: Lbs have only lost 1 game all season, but if anyone can beat GOB it’s Annyong. And, yes…..Poutine does it this Sunday. Poutine 3, Lbs 2. 

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