From the daily archives: "Tuesday, September 3, 2019"

After a brief rain delay the last 4 games will be completed at a later date…scores for those will be updated when those games are completed…without further adieu on to the pre OC post OC box scores…

Filthier 3 @ Butchers 0

Filthier – Annimal (2), Jean (1), Thomas W (4)

Goalie Shutout Win – Tim “I’ll make my presence felt with fb comments” K (10-3, GAA 1.29, 3 Shutouts)

Goalie Loss – Peter B via FA

NOT NOW TIM!!! This is not about you!

Gut Rot 1 @ Dank Bows 2

Rut Rot – OG Scotty K (1)

Goalie Loss – Sam S (0-7)

Rainbows – Daniele “Boy name” C x2 (3)

Game Notes: Can the totem italian of the league (do we have one?!) consult with Jess and Cat and whoever else from Rainbows write the 3 stars and let them know Daniele is not Danielle and is a boy’s name? Actually, this site just leads from Daniele to Daniel, which is of Hebrew origin…okay pretty much anyone from the NJ/NY ball hockey circles should be able to consult on this now.

Another dub for the rain dubs!

Evil Shortis Farm System Dojo 1 @ Gouging Seamen 2 F/SO

Cobra Kai – Alan H (3)

Goalie LOLSOL – Ryan M (0-6, GAA 2.26)

Anklebiters – Bob Probert (12)

Goalie Shootout Win – Craig LaC (11-1, GAA 1.14)

Shootout Winner – Shannon

Game Notes: Cobra Kai are out here thinking that referees hate them and like disallowing goals, but that’s totally not true, both referees called an equivalent amount of goals back in this game…1 by each ref for CK….

About to be Drunk Machine 4 @ Twin Deking Demons 2

Machine – Mike Pags (6), Christian H (4), Jon C not #69 x2 (4)

Goalie Win – RJ F (6-4, GAA 1.08)

Demons – Zach “Fine” x2 (5)

Goalie Loss – Zach L (6-5, GAA 2.11)

Mega Touch 3 @ Basic Beach Riotters 1

Mega – Inspector Jones x2 (4), Eric D (3)

Goalie Win – Mike T (5-4, GAA 2.17)

Riots – Margot S (3)

Goalie Loss – Peter B via FA

We didn’t have a photo of Matt Jones…because he’s a very secret ringer that has never played in any big tournaments or BTSH before.

Fuzz 2 @ Pound Sterlings 4

Fuzz!!! – Teets McGee (9), GilF (7)

Goalie Loss – Tim Bwn (7-6, GAA 2.27)

Pounds – Big Mac (2), ScottyK x2 (5), The Chubby German Flower via FA,

Goalie Win – Sizzler (9-1, GAA 1.70)

Editor’s Note: After seeing Fuzz’s divisional records in their lone 2 season in the top flight of BTSH, now I understand why Rich thinks a 1-1 record against a team is worthy of a (participation) trophy….or a make-believe (fairy tale) cup.

Rich and Tim blowing another game for Fuzz.

Gremlins @ Karma PPD

Goalie of Record – Jamie

IK – Derek Zed

Goalie of Record – Steve F

What the Puck @ Sky Fighters PPD

DaPucks – Paully P, Justin the Divisional Name Sake, McCauley, Ball Hogg

Goalie of Record – Goalie Ed

Sky – Dana

Goalie of Record – OG James

Fresh Kills @ Habitants PPD

Game not started

Hookers @ Math PPD

Game not started

By Dave GDR

So this was my fifth trip down to HockeyBeach (many thanks to the Thin Mints for taking me in and making me one of their own). As always, a special time with some of the best people on earth. That said, I continue to be delighted, shocked and entertained by the anecdotes and scenarios I either see or hear about. Never a dull moment folks.

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