From the daily archives: "Friday, August 16, 2019"

By Mario, Luigi, and Wario

Instead of complimenting each team in this week’s previews we’ll be saying which pizza they are and why- and maybe some hockey stuff at the end or whatever. We apologize if this is too.. cheesy for you.

Filthier v Butchers

Filthier is a classic cheese pizza. Consistently delicious, often overlooked for no apparent reason, and when compared against more expensive or elaborate pies, is often the one you’d prefer to have. 

The Butchers are a buffalo chicken pizza. Between RG1 and Cheeky, there is more than enough sass to make this team one of the spicier ones in the league.

Prediction: In the end, the classic pie beats the heat. Cheese 5, Buff Chix 2.

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