From the daily archives: "Monday, August 5, 2019"

LBS got it on at Filthier’s expense.

Cobra Kai went up 2-0 before the Hookers decided to play hockey.

Gouging Anklebiters have been on a roll this season and continued their success against the Butchers.

Riots ran wild over Gut Rot. 

Trap games are for real as the Demons found out against Mega Touch.

Hicks and the Rehabs defeated Herr and Math and now he’s on the couch.

Fuzz found their groove against Fresh Kills.

Instant Karma ruined J-E-S-S!  Jess!  Jess!  Jess!’s birthday weekend by dangling a W in front of her Dark Rainbows and then snatching it away.

Poutine blanked the Sky Fighters thanks to Christina, aka league sweetheart, and Pags.

A depleted Gremlins team lost to a surging Pucks squad wearing those swanky brown unis. 

See you next week!