From the daily archives: "Friday, August 2, 2019"

By Arya Stark & Snoop Dogg

Butchers (+140)
Gouging Anklebiters (-170)

Arya’s Pick: Sorry Cheeks (I mean Snoop), but your Butchers have been super inconsistent so far this season, and the Biters are better than I’ve ever seen them.  Look for Probie to put up at least two as the Biters take this one by 2 or 3.

Snoop Dogg’s Pick: Butchers are missing some key players this week and already lost once to the Biters, but “you’ve got to always go back in time if you want to move forward.” To ignite and excite this match up we have two couples going head-to-head – Creamy vs. Diana and Dana vs. Shuey – but you know the Dogg, I’m here for the luv. So I think the Butchers will be more prepared this time around, it’ll be tight but feel like Biters will top Butchers by two.

Consensus: I got more Mack than Craig and in the bed, believe me sweetie I got enough to feed the needy.

OC is only a few weeks away, which means we’re all about to see each other naked…again.
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