From the daily archives: "Friday, July 12, 2019"

Dark Rainbows at Sky Fighters

By Tracy Demon

Whichever side wins this game is going to get a much-needed confidence boost. Both teams are on a bit of a slide and desperately looking to get back in the W column. In their last match the ‘Bows came out blazing and shocked the Demons by scoring two goals in the first few minutes before falling victim to the Neil scoring juggernaut. The Sky Fighters have shown grit against talented teams like LBS and Butchers and have eked out a couple of exciting OT wins over lower-division teams. Speaking of grit, who else witnessed Emily almost beat a member of the publicbeerbong crew in a push-up contest two weeks ago? It was impressive. Advice to the Rainbows: don’t get distracted by Emily’s guns, make sure both Tarnow and Yetter show up, have Jess score another goal, and don’t leave Mia open in front of the net. Advice to the Sky Fighters: switch the tape in Greenwald’s boom box (first make sure his in-game tunes come from an old-school boom box) to play heavy metal layered with subliminal messages that confound the Rainbows defense, causing them to drop their sticks and wander around in circles.


Prediction: Some say it’s lame to predict games going to overtime, but I really do think this one will, and I need to be true to my convictions. Sky Fighters 3-2 OT SO.

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