From the daily archives: "Thursday, July 11, 2019"

Instant Karma at Tompkins Square Riots

Players to Watch Out For

Karma – when Heather’s not chasing ambulances or stroking Steven’s ego she’s delivering bone-crushing checks to opponents in the neutral zone.  Her appetite for bloody marys makes her one of the fiercest defensive forwards in all the league. 

Here’s Heather sizing up her next victim.

Riots – rumor has it that Katie has had this game circled on her calendar since the schedule game out.  She’s no fan of injustice justice which makes her the oxymoron of the team with her faith unfaithful that keeps her falsely true to the game.

Prediction: Karma’s red-headed goon sets the tone early by taking out Big Bank Vanck, but Kevin Z and Margot respond with two quick goals to close out the first half.  The second half is tug of war for possession, but Matt S gets caught admiring his own reflection in Dan’s goggles as Suz buries the game winner for the Riots, 3-2.

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