From the daily archives: "Monday, July 1, 2019"

By Mia

At the End of Season party last year, a very enthusiastic Sus from the Tompkins Square Riots demanded that a new category be added to the evening’s awards. This resulted in recognition of the first ever BTSH GAY OF THE YEAR (GOTY)!

A rather lengthy list of names was put into the hat, but it soon became apparent that —to the best of anyone’s knowledge— there were no out gay men in the league (just a lot of guys who are a little gay for Isaac).

So, all of the nominees were lesbians.

Someone cried, “This is basically just a list of the best female players in the league!” True story.

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LJ preparing to deliver justice to Gotham.
Photo credit: Tia

The LBS beat the Rehabs 2-1 in a controversial shootout.

A week after a big first win of the season, Gut Rot fell to Mega this time around.

Karma beat the Sky Fighters, with the Trembles supplying the beer funnels (and the sexiness) for everyone.

Cobra Kai beat the Fresh Kills 2-0 on an LJ regulation goal and an empty netter.

The Biters were up 3-1 with 12 minutes left but dropped a 5-3 decision to the Hookers.

The Demons figured out the best way to avoid losing in a shootout is to just win in regulation, edging the Rainbows out by a goal or two.

The Cheekybowl was won by Cheeky as she and the Butchers took down Math. At least Tadpole got a new hat out of the deal.

The Gremlins beat the Riots in regulation.

Filthier beat Fuzz as the championship hangover continues for the boys and girls in blue.

Finally, after an incredible moment in Instagram history was shockingly called no goal, What The Puck had the last laugh on their old D4 rivals as they took down Poutine 1-0 in a shootout.

See ya in two weeks!