From the daily archives: "Sunday, June 9, 2019"

Dark Rainbows gave the Biters a run for their beer, but a late surge pushed the Biters to victory.

The Hookers rode the Demons for another impressive win. Keeping them in the race for the division crown.

Fresh Kills bounced back from last week’s hiccup by swatting aside those pesky Sky Fighters (who are a lot more talented than some writers are giving them credit for).

Zach and Math won the Couch Bowl over Diane and Gut Rot. Now that’s where he’ll be spending his nights for the foreseeable future.

Stupid Cobra Kai knocked Ryann out of Survivor Pool Part Deux by losing to Mega Touch. Great play in net Jeff!

Rehabs continued their dominance over the Jamie-less Gremlins. Welcome back Ramirez!

Steven and Instant Karma owned the first half against Filthier, but then Ann, James and Sunny did their thing. Sigh.

LBS came back against the Pucks to steal a win in regulation thanks to the defensive heroics of Hilldawg and Alex.

The Fuzz and Poutine brawl went extra innings with old man Walsh getting body slammed into the pavement by Nicorette, but Fuzz laughed last. Fun fact about Rich, he is the proud owner of a Ronkonkoma condo’s.

The Riots shocked the league by upending the heavily favored Butchers. Nice win today Dave GDR!