From the daily archives: "Friday, June 7, 2019"

What the Puck at LBS, Inc.

By Tracy Demon

Such is the anticipation around this matchup that members of The Media were literally* fighting (*not at all literally) over who would write the preview. In one corner, we have the still undefeated LBS, and while you kind of want to hate them, many of them are nice people who engage in acts of charity like trying to teach me hockey and keeping Blink-182 relevant. In the other corner, we have the sometimes-defeated but always scrappy What the Puck, best known for having top-notch graphic design, at least two cute dogs that I know of, several players with cool hair, and also being nice and fun people goddamn it. Make no mistake: the niceness ends at puck drop, and the Pucks are gonna give this Div 1 team a fight.


Prediction: The Pucks win our hearts and minds, but victory stays in Poundtown this weekend, 4-2. Hoggy consoles himself by murdering another sandwich. Justin shakes it off and goes on to design the best Twin Dekes shirt the Ocean City tournament has ever seen.

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