From the daily archives: "Thursday, June 6, 2019"

Gouging Anklebiters at Dark Rainbows

The Anklebiters and Dark Rainbows are kicking off All-Sunday in pure BTSH fashion.  They have an agreement in place that the team that scores must polish off a tall boy between all five players on the asphalt rink before the faceoff.  (Somewhere in Cleveland Sam N is smiling.)  With Greenwald rumored to be in net for the mighty Bows there is a good chance that the collective Biters squad will be hammered midway through the second half.

Prediction: the BTSH gods approve of this debauchery and bless both teams with an absurd amount of puck (ball) luck with the Biters winning 12-9.  Neither team’s representatives finish the All-Star Game.

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