From the daily archives: "Sunday, June 2, 2019"

Hookers took out the Rehabs in a tight contest with Danilo and Sarah doing work.

Karma borrowed a couple Goonies to fight off the agave powered Gut Rot.

A sweet and timely goal Tarnado ensured that the Rainbows would prevail over the Riots.

LBS still remains undefeated thanks to a humongous goal by Big Mic against Fuzz.

Sky Fighters got back into the win column win a shootout win against WTP.

Campbell may have moved on but Cobra Kai didn’t seem to notice as they upended Math.

Rain Fears washed out the Diana v Creamy and Gremlins v Poutine games.

Filthier continues to be Fresh Kills kryptonite.

A Neil-less Demons team lost in a shootout to Alex’s Mega Touch.

See you next week!