From the daily archives: "Thursday, May 2, 2019"

What The Puck at Gremlins

By Regina George

The Pucks skated by the Riots last week. I forget the score but it was a lot to a little. Meanwhile, the Gremlins had their hands full with the Rainbows, beating them in a shootout.

And now for a comprehensive list that has almost nothing to do with hockey. DISCLAIMER: If I say “no offense” you can’t be offended. It’s the law.

Better hair: WTP in a landslide (Henry and Mike D with the flow but even Hogg has a fancy haircut. Anyone ever notice how guys in a relationship have better hair than when they were single?)  

Better goalie: Gremlins (No offense Ed, but Jamie has this on lock. You want to hate him but he’s just too nice and happy. Has anyone seen him frown? The media would appreciate a hot tip.)

Better fashion: WTP. Walker wears band t-shirts from when he was 18 and Cody has that eyesore of a hat. (no offense Cody). (just like, get a better hat). 

Better ladies: WTP has Sam (who scored a hat trick last weekend), Annie and Emily but the Gremlins have Marcella, Allison and Courtney. I’m calling this a tie. 

Better chill factor: I’m not saying the Gremlins can’t hang but I’m also saying a certain member (it was Erich okay, twist my arm) said he doesn’t hang out after games. I’ve seen more WTP players stick around than Gremmies. You can score all the goals in the world, ERICH (and salt boyzzz), but if you can’t chug a beer after a game WHAT’S THE POINT.

Both of these teams are pretty good this year but I’m going to give the advantage to the pucks. While the Gremlins have had some great victories (beating fresh kills) WTP has been more consistent.

Prediction: Pucks win 3-1 and Cody gets hit in the nads 0 times.

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