From the daily archives: "Sunday, April 14, 2019"
With Sully handling the tempers Jo was able to enjoy her second half salad on the sidelines.

In the Cheeky Bowl butchers put up a fight but in the end it was the cobra slithering through the defense to bury the game winner. 2-1 Math in OT. Math improves to 2-1 and the Butchers go to 0-3.

In a tightly contested defensive battle, it was the hookers putting in a goal late to improve to 3-0 with last year’s runner ups falling to 1-2. Lee Becker made sure to tell numerous people they’re the final team to have not let in a goal on the year. Someone please score on the Hookers. Please. 

In an #LOLShootout it was the rehabs avenging last season’s quarterfinal loss to Fuzz. After the game, someone was heard on the sidelines saying “we don’t like dick and we don’t like losing.” Rehabs move to 3-0 and Fuzz goes to 1-1-1.

In a game I don’t want to talk about due to my gambling problems, Mega ruined a lot of people’s Survivor pool entries and upset the gremlins 3-2. The Gremlins are now 2-1 while Mega is 1-1-1

No Gabe, no Ariel, a whole lot of problems. Biters take out Fresh Kills 4-0. In a positive, Probert was spotted at the courts so it’s safe to say he did not die in Minneapolis. Buyers join the 3-0 club while FK falls to 0-2-1.

In yet another shootout, Karma defeated WTP 3-2 crushing Rich Glanzer’s dreams of winning $30 in the survivor pool. In an act of pure asshatery he proceeded to take a brownie from Cat Tremble and drop half on the ground claiming #portioncontrol. The league calls #bullshit, give the man a spoiled meat. Karma moves to 1-2 while WTP ends the day 1-1-1.

The Lbs took Filthier to pound town. LBS 5, Filthier 2. Frey forgot the boxed wine so I have nothing left to write about this game. LBS join the 3-0 club, while Filthier falls to 1-2.

In #PooFight there was less ref shouting and more goal scoring this week. Poutine 3, Sky Fighters 1. Multiple captains were spotted watching this game. Infanti, guard your players like a hawk. Poutine moves to 2-1, sky fighters fall to 0-2.

In a D4 clash, the rainbows rainblew it, falling to 1-2 on the year. The Demons move to 3-0 and maybe it’s time to take them seriously? TBD.

In a battle for progress it was the riots coming out on top as a certain beautiful meatbox predicted. Goalie Becca was spotted half naked (shocker) after the game talking about “how hot it was” when it was 62 degrees out. Riots improve to 1-1 and Gut Rot falls to 0-3.