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Et le but!

No, that is not a reference to Sam “’ack a dart” Norris having made a return to the btsh sideline to referee – but in reference to having our first Sunday of sneaker hockey at Tompkins in, well like barely 3 months, okay maybe 4. With that, here were the goal (le but) scorers (and goalies of record) from this past Dimanche.

Poutine 5 @ WTP 3

Poutine – Mike Pags, K-Mac, James McQ, Mike Marr, Brian Sulli

Goalie Win – RJ F

DaPucks – The Butler, The Dude, The K-Man

Goalie Loss – Ed the P stands for #myPoachee2019 (No GAA, sad face)

Game Notes: Someone told me that Henry was expecting a Box Score shout out for scoring the league’s first goal of the season – luckily for him I’m in mid-season form and 5 other btsh posts already beat me to it, so no, I’m not saucing over that shout out. I will however say that the #notMyRoy2019 race is off to a hot start! You really expected me to say something different?

AdvncdAnlytcs: After his side drew level at halftime and midway through the 2nd half, Poutine’s Mikey-M huffed and puffed and blew the ball far side on a nice one timer to win the game late, and then, as a referee definitely not named Greenwald put it, Poutine “ran away with the game” by scoring an empty netter with half a minute left. Wait, the shot count didn’t suggest that at all….

Fuzz 3 @ Filthier 1

Fuzz – Gil’s Son’s Dad, Jeff x2, Alexa

Goalie Win – Tim Bwn

Filthier – Jaime D

Goalie Loss – Tim K

Game Notes: Fuzz used their championship banner to mend the north net on the east court before the game started, so (un)fortunately Sunday’s east court action could not be delayed by another trophy presentation, because that meant neither a trophy nor banner could be used for said spectacle. Thank god. If you are looking to point fingers, the netting “banner” you can blame on me, Rich.

Karma 0 @ Gremlins 1

Goalie Loss – Steve F

Gremlins – A Rockoff

Goalie Shutout Win – Jamie B

Game Notes: A battle of dependable predecessor and successor ends with the former prevailing in a low scoring goalie duel. Or it was just the conditions, who really knows, just look at the next game’s score.

Gut Rot 0 @ Demons 7

Goalie Loss – Charlie O’D via EitanNotGoalieing4u

Demons – Neil Zed x4, Miles S x2, Sara K,

Game Notes: I guess those people who stayed on Gut Rot are enjoying themselves thus far.

AdvncdAnlytcs: After starting last season 0-and-insert big number here, Zach Lewis gets 2019 started with a W and a shutout. Oh, and Neil had a natural hat-trick to pace Demons with a 3-0 lead, which included a late marker in the first half which wasn’t really a turning point in the game but still cool.

Pounds 4 @ Cobra Kai 2

Pounds – A Frey, Ajay, Karsten x2

Goalie Win – Mike Z

CK – Eff Gill Ween, Pete G

Goalie Loss – G#2 Not Campbell (we’re awaiting our beat reporter to confirm…er, wait, is it a beat report if they lose?)

Game Notes: Top Shelf Tommy broke his scoring drought by going top bunk on a deflection…into his own net. It was a goal which unfortunately turned the tide in the game as Cobra Kai’s 2 goal lead from early in the game evaporated quite quickly thereafter, unlike the water on the courts.

AdvncdAnlytcs: CK’s new goalie was quoted as being “too ice” like by the Pounds sideline. Logical statement. Real hockey don’t work here. That’s why Roberts never scores any goals, except when he plays against WTP.

Butchers 0 @ Hookers 1 (F/SO)

Goalie Shutout Shootout Loss – Max via FA

Goalie Shutout Shootout Win – Dustin

Shootout Winner – Danilo

Game Notes: Is this a sign of things to come for the 2nd division, close low scoring contests and a narrow division race through opening day to the final weeks of the season?

Biters 4 @ Math 1

GANK – Proboooort, Jared, Chris x2

Goalie Win – Craig La-“DJBB”

Math – Justin “Caps are still champs” P

Goalie Loss – David L

Game Notes: Alas, it was not to be for 2D; this game was not as close as the other divisional matchup on this day.

Mega 2 @ Rainbows 3 (F/SO)

Mega – Bill L, Joe L (I’m sensing a theme with all these L’s here)

Goalie Shootout Loss – Mike T-man

Dank Bows – Matt F, Yetter

Goalie Shootout Win – Greenwald

Shootout Winner – Rem

Game Notes: Clearly Rem’s Return wasn’t factored into that preview!

AdvncdAnlytcs: Greenwald has said that he will not be retiring, even though there is video evidence of a North American champion burning him in the shootout. Give that guy a participation trophy for toughing it out!

Wait, Shortis won the North American championships? Where are the banner and championship jackets at?

“I look forward to losing this trophy too” – Jeff and that smug look on his face

Rehabs @ FK – PPD #SunFears

Sky @ Riots – PPD #SunFears

Dank Rainbows at Mathematics

Rem’s return to the Rainbows from a one year hiatus provided the boost they needed to get over the Mega hump.  It may not have earned them the Schlitz, but revenge is a dish best served with a side of ‘hey, how’s my Rainbow taste?’

Those blonde Math jerseys are great for this time of year.

Herr’s ringers had a difficult time acclimating to our asphalt pond last week, but hey, conditions weren’t exactly ideal for the transition.  This Sunday’s forecast is looking promising and so is their matchup.  We like the chances of them having an opportunity to display their talents.

Prediction: Cat adores Math’s ‘blonde’ jerseys and is caught gazing as Jon and Dave easily get the Mathematicians their first W of the season, 5-1.

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