From the daily archives: "Wednesday, April 3, 2019"

by Cat

It’s been so long. How are you doing? I hope you had a wonderful winter. Did you play ice? Did you detox from vodka sodas and budweiser? Did you finally wash your Mylec gloves? Just tell me everything you were up to!

I say this from the heart: I did not really miss you guys that much. Maybe Rich. Did you hear I’m a Mets fan now? So we have a lot in common these days. A lot changes in five months!

The first Sunday back went off more like a whimper than a bang – rain delayed games, a few of the later matches decided to reschedule, the sun came out like the coy bitch she is at 5pm. Some dedicated types went to East Village Tavern but the cold and wet prevented a quality afternoon court hang. No court hang = no good goss for me to turn into an arrestingly funny three stars.

Third Star

The Boo’ers

Boooo Probie! Boooo Gremlins!

Ok the only good goss I heard is that Probie scored within 5 minutes against Math and everyone booed.

Love it. I’m obsessed.

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