By Richiehero

With the 2019 BTSH szn in the books, it’s officially time for the HOF article. Just a few housekeeping details. We have heard your suggestions.

Bring these back!

Charge– You idiots are inducting too many players.

Verdict- Guilty.

Reason: When we first started we had some catching up to do. There were so many BTSH greats and if we just did 3 at a time we may never get to some. We will be more selective from here on out as most of the people not in the HOF already deserve nothing.

Charge– This person didn’t do enough for the league, he/she shouldn’t be in.

Verdict- Overruled.

Reason: The great part about BTSH is it’s always been inclusive. The HOF is too. Let’s face it, the majority of HOFers are not great players. I won’t name names but Chadwick, Ellery and Julie come to mind immediately. I mean Alex E. M. for Christ Sakes! Do we really want this virtual team to suck? (To clarify this has been a long standing complaint and nothing to do with this years class.) 

Charge: You inducted someone who you shouldn’t have.

Verdict- Guitly.

Reason: We fucked up. Rachel G. (RG1) is a big part of who gets into the HOF and who doesn’t. We inducted six people and told her about 5. We shoulda told her about the 6th. This is why she’s RG1. We are sincerely sorry and Russ, don’t text me because I am not talking about it. 

Charge:  I’ve been in the league for 5 years and 40% of those years I’ve been Commissioner, I should be in.

Verdict: No, Hicks. No Hora at your wedding, no HOF induction.

So with that said, congrats to the following HOFers. 

James P from Filthier
Suz from Tompkins Square Riots
Tim B from Fuzz
Worky from Gouging Anklebiters
Ben C from Instant Karma

If anyone has information on the HOFers or want to actually write one of their inductions, that would be swell. PS. Adjourned doesn’t mean what you think it means, Boylan. 

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