It’s here!  The moment you BTSHers have been waiting for…

2019 BTSH Award Nominations!!!

Congratulations to each of the nominees.  The winners will be announced LIVE during the end of season party at the Parkside Lounge this Sunday, November 3rd.  The festivities kick-off after the conclusion of the PBR and Schlitz Cup finals with plenty of drink specials to make you think Russ is funny.  We’ll see you there!

Derek and Eli (Ambiguously Straight Duo) Award for Best Duo

  • Russ and Scotty k
  • Hicks and Beer
  • Old School and New School
  • Sami and D-Ro
  • Trembles

Rookie of the Year – female

  • Caroline from Filthier
  • Meg from Fresh Kills
  • Dana from Dark Rainbows
  • Annie from What The Puck
  • Andrea from Fuzz

Rookie of the Year – male

  • Jake from Sky Fighters
  • Mike T from Dark Rainbows
  • Tadpole from Mathematics
  • Thomas from Filthier
  • Neil from Denim Demons
  • Casca from Denim Demons

Phil D. Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence (Captain of The Year)

  • Suz from Tompkins Square Riots
  • Hogg from What The Puck
  • Julie from Mega Touch
  • Sarah from Corlears Hookers
  • Isaac from Instant Karma

Best Defense – female

  • Hilary from LBS, Inc.
  • Carlin from Rehabs
  • LJ from Cobra Kai
  • Sam from Instant Karma
  • Rachel from Fresh Kills

Best Defense – male

  • Joe P from Gouging Anklebiters
  • Olivier from Cobra Kai
  • Sebastian from Rehabs
  • Avery from LBS, Inc.
  • Henry from What The Puck

Craig ‘Kentucky Wristwatch’ Lacombe Award – for flamboyance and extraordinary feats in goaltending

  • Dustin from Corlears Hookers
  • Steven from Instant Karma
  • Becca from Gut Rot
  • Tim B from Fuzz
  • Zach from Denim Demons

Most Underrated – female

  • Nicorette from Poutine Machine
  • Liz B from LBS, Inc.
  • Emily M from What The Puck
  • Katie from Tompkins Square Riots
  • Sarah M from Gouging Anklebiters

Most Underrated – male

  • Mikey Pags from Poutine Machine
  • Roberts from LBS, Inc.
  • Dan from Riots
  • Dan C from Dark Rainbows
  • Eugene from Fresh Kills

Christina L Award for the player with the sweetest disposition

  • Sarah T from Fuzz
  • Tracy from Denim Demons
  • Jamie from Gremlins
  • Tim B from Butchers
  • Mo from Sky Fighters

Rachel Greene Award for Snark, Style, and Finesse

  • Jess D from Dark Rainbows
  • Scott K from Gut Rot
  • Dana from Butchers
  • Sarah H from Mathematics
  • Alex EM from Mega Touch

Upset of the Year

  • Denim Demons over Fresh Kills
  • Skateboarders over NYC Government
  • Dark Rainbows over Cobra Kai
  • What The Puck over Fuzz
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