By The Dragon

The All Star Game – Through the bleary eyes of an All Star

In the Black Top Street Hockey League, being an All Star is considered especially honorable. In New York City, the dedicated athletes who strive for this great athletic prowess are members of an elite squad known as the BTSH All Stars. This is one of their stories.

It was a beautiful summer’s day in June, the court was teaming with people. It was a “sexy” example camaraderie – the old mixing with the new (no I did not right THAT article) – Truly’s for all!! – although I ask, where was Frey and his warmed bag of Trader Joe’s wine? The vibe was just right for this epic game.

On one side we had a Meatbox, a Pikachu, an Olympian, two people from the Elves (wait, wtf that’s not a team), not one, but two of the many Zach’s on Demons, an Annimal, the lovely Diane, and some chick named Meg. On the other we had, a Tremble, a Tadpole, Derek’s biceps, three different Sarah’s (one of whom was very masculine looking), Alexander Hamilton, but goes by “Russ,” fast Dave and Erich, and a singular, drunk Cheeky.

In the middle was a mine field of Coors Lights waiting to be knocked over by some poor, unprepared soul. We had some people try to act like they didn’t knock their beer over, no worries, the Heckle Wall handled that. We had Russ not learn his lesson the first time and proceed to step on ~3 more mines. We had Lee making every woman feel insecure about how they look in a skirt, there was a goalie fight, there was a beer fight between Cheeky and Glnzr (is that how he’s spelling his name? Next he’ll just change it to a symbol like Prince), there was a beer chugging running race which the ladies dominated, I believe the dark team won? Yes? There was some shot gunning, beer can throwing, a few bumps, some scrapes, lots of lost dignity, and by the end a very festive crowd.

All in all, a great success. Thank you to the participants’s livers for enduring through this grueling game. Special thank you to Ben Probert and all the others who helped make Sunday possible. To whomever cleaned up the carnage, you’re a hero we don’t deserve. That is all – peace, love, and I’m still hungover.

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