The 2019 BTSH All Star Game is this Sunday, 6/9 (Nice) at 6:30 pm on the West Court following the conclusion of Fresh Kills steam rolling Sky Fighters.

It looks like it is going to be a beautiful day, so clear your schedules, rest your vocal chords and stock up on liquid courage.

Gigantic sandwiches will be arriving to the sidelines around 4 pm.  Yum!

All Star Rosters

Divisions 1 and 4 wearing WHITE

LBS, Inc. – Hilary and Jason
Rehabs – Michelle and Hicks
Filthier – Thomas and Annimal
Fuzz – Andrea and Anthony
Fresh Kills – Meg and Nathan
Demons – Tracy and Zak 4.0
Rainbows – Jess and Karl
Mega – Shelley and Joe
Riots – Margot and David
Gut Rot – Diane and Robjon
Elves – Sarah and Chadwick

Goalies – Zach from Denim Demons and Tim K from Filthier

Divisions 2 and 3 wearing DARK

Biters – Sarah and Jared
Hookers – Sarah and Cronauer
Cobra Kai – Rach and Russ
Butchers – Cheeky and David St. J
Math – Sarah and Tadpole
Instant Karma – Cat and Derek
Poutine – Nicorette and Christian
Gremlins – Courtney and Erich
What the Puck – Samantha and a v Hansom Man
Sky Fighters – Emily and Jake

Goalies – Craig from Biters and Dustin from Hookers

Hijinks to occur throughout the game.  Be ready!

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