From the monthly archives: "December 2018"

Hornswoggle – There There was nary a period of boredom in the sports realm this calendar year, me thinks because of two very special events: one being the fulfillment of a long-awaited run by the Philadelphia Eagles in SB LII, and the other a very entertaining World Cup, with many Les Bleus singing praises about N’Golo Kanté (one of my favorite players nowadays).

But my favorite sports moment(s) this year can be summed up in one word: Liverpool.They might have lost to Madrid in the UCL Final last season because of two Karius (thank God we loaned him out this season) blunders and Ramos intentionally forcing Salah in tears and out of commission (but I digress), but the road to the final has been nothing but scintillating. Their “Allez Allez Allez” chant—although not original—snowballed into the kind of hit that many clubs are adopting (of course, with their own words); Mohamed Salah broke the Premier League record for goals last season; and now with the squad undefeated in their last 20+games in all competitions as well as some ridiculously great additions in Fabinho, Shaqiri, Keita, and Alisson, Liverpool is, I say unabashedly, an unstoppable freight train in the Prem. Mike Myers and I are deff excited for Klopp and the gang. But you know what the greatest gift from this club might be(which would only reveal itself long after Christmas)? Ah, well, I’m not gonna write it because I’ll jinx it… but Karma’s Heather and Cory know what I’m thinking.

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