From the monthly archives: "November 2018"

by Richiehero

It’s that time of year again! It’s actually been that time of year for a month…Poaching Season!

Much like The Purge, where everything is legal for one day, and you aren’t allowed to be mad if someone kills a loved one or even you, Poaching Season is a guilt-free zone. Poach away, you poachers!

Here are some of the people that are most likely to have poach attempts directed at them, and some of the predators people like Julie and Cat should watch out for:

1. Yetter/Bryan/Jess, Dark Rainbows: The Rainbows went from winless to beating a D1 team in the playoffs this year. They gave Cobra Kai a serious run for their money, and only a drunken Sam stopped Cat/Greenwald/Tia from winning the captain of the year vote (they actually did win it). Much of their success came from the three newbies. The Troika of captains better sleep with one eye open, or else some Gritty captain will cuckold them, and steal what’s theirs.

Teams to watch out for: Lbs. Jess has built a nice friendship with someone from the Lbs., and Yetter and Luke click on another level for the Cleveland Browns in District 5. Both would make a nice fit.

Odds of Poaching: 0%. First year players rarely pull a Hicks and leave. They have a great thing going and won’t mess it up. [Continue Reading…]