From the daily archives: "Friday, September 7, 2018"

Mega Touch at Cobra Kai – 3:30 pm, East
by Richiehero

Mega vs. CK is huge for both teams. Cobra Kai needs to win it’s last two games to win the Presidents Trophy. While that usually means very little, this year it has some value since most of the top talented teams are where they should be. But with Fresh Kills lurking at six, coming in first means you probably wouldn’t get them until the semis. Meanwhile, Mega needs to win to avoid the play-in. A Mega win and WTP loss will also give them their first Southeast title. The ramifications can’t be greater, unless there was even more significance. And then it would actually be greater.

Prediction: “Take care of your job, and good things will happen.”

– Rich Glnzr

Fuzz beats Rehabs and Mega upsets CK 2-1. CK falls to second and Mega avoids play-in. Now, I’ll name random players from both sides, because there are good people on both sides. Some of these people are good.

CK: Rachel N. Campbell, JJ, Dani, Lauren, and a blast from the past Charles Kane.

Mega: Julie, Hansen, Nadia, Larry and blast from the past the jorts guy that wore his jorts way too high for my liking (pause), Harvey.

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